Friday, 15 July 2011

Poison Ivy - s01e03 - Blair

Poison Ivy - s01e03 - Blair

GossipGirl: There's plenty of upside to be the spawn of the fabulously wealthy. But the downside? Super successful parents expect nothing less from their offspring. And when it comes to college, that mean the Ivies. It's more than getting into college. It's setting a course for the rest of your life. And for those few who aren't legacies, the pressures are no less. When parents have sacrificed for their children's futures, what kid would let them down? 

Blair: Do you remember when Dad gave me my first Yale sweatshirt? I don't think any piece of clothing has ever fit me more perfectly, not to mention how adorable I found that bulldog. Remember when I asked you if I could get a bulldog? Good call, by the way, saying no. And now the big day is finally here. Soon Nate and I will be away at college. Him coming down to Yale, me going up to Dartmouth. Dad flying in for the Princeton game. I hope it doesn't make you feel old watching me grow up.
Dorota: Eat up, miss Blair. Your mom would want you to have a good breakfast. 

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